A&S Computer Services is also a graphic design and creative company that provides you with informed creative options which reflect the image you want to project in the marketplace.

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Whether it's Graphic Design or Web Design, A&S Computer Services will cost-effectively guide you through each step to ensure that your completed project will attract principle customers, clients and business partners.

It is not just our ability to create original and exciting work, even with extreme deadlines, that makes A&S successful - it is because we are passionate about your work.  We become part of your organization,  part of your team,  while bringing a fresh perspective and viewpoint to your project.

A&S Computer Services believes that excellence can be achieved and we can partner with you to make that happen.  From beginning to end, we will go the extra mile.

Our Design Philosophy

Design for A&S Computer Services is a process. It is about listening, researching and working with the client. It is about knowing what is out there and how our design can evoke a response and find its audience. It is about understanding your corporate culture and communication goals. We have reached a successful outcome when both the designer and client feel a sense of ownership and excitement at the finished product. This result can then translate into inspiring the potential clients.

The creative process is not just about being creative from a design perspective. It is about taking all the variables in any given campaign and working with them to produce an outstanding result. These variables can include size, budget, media, print-run, deadline and client expectations.

Being flexible in tackling a campaign and incorporating one or more of these factors is what makes the difference. The finished design is born from the ability to assess the best way of approaching the campaign, ending with a inspiring product.

Injected with creativity and enthusiasm, we are ready to take on your endeavor. Please take a look at our portfolio, and call us for your next project.


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